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NaSoAlMo 2013: Write, perform and record an album this November

What is NaSoAlMo?

(Inter)National Solo Album Month is a fun, free annual competition in which musicians write and record an entire album during the month of November - all by themselves.

NaSoAlMo favours enthusiasm and perseverance rather than perfectionism. It encourages musicians and would-be songwriters to silence their inner critic for thirty days in order to inspire and maximize productivity. The albums are likely to be hastily written, off-time, and out of tune; the main objective is to just do it.

How we're running it this year...

So, we will be running NaSoAlMo in a low-tech, internet-circa-1996-style:

To sign up, email admin@nasoalmo.org with the following details:

Then, when (if!!) you have finished your album, email admin@nasoalmo.org to let me know that you have finished, including the final length of the album.

If you would like a forum account, please email me (admin@nasoalmo.org) with the username you would like to have registered for the forum (between 3 and 20 characters and no spaces) and I will add you manually.

I will maintain this html page with the current list of participants and later in the month, who has succeeded. A forum (use the menu link at the top of this page) has been set up for encouraging one and other, discussing methods and equipment etc.

All the best,

2013 Participants

Claudia Riley Nancysoundcloud.com/claudia-j-riley Album Completed!! [31:49]
Andy Cruse a.k.a. Kafla Pathssoundcloud.com/andrewcruse
Nicole Lewis a.k.a. Crapapella I Guess this is a Firsttheblogofalamemusician.blogspot.com/
Timothy O'Brien a.k.a. Brian Foeller Anagrambrianfoeller.bandcamp.com/
Doug Bishop a.k.a. DRB DRB
Andy Getch The Amateursoundcloud.com/andy-getch/sets/the-amateur Album Completed!! [40:42]
Wolf Kierwolfkier.bandcamp.com/album/wolf-kier-crooked-lines Album Completed!! [31:44]
Clif Johnston a.k.a. Mood481 Evolvesoundcloud.com/iclifdotme
Ferry Colje a.k.a. Ferry Colyersoundcloud.com/ferrycolyer
Brad Harkan Lexiconharkanism.bandcamp.com/album/lexicon Album Completed!! [33:14]
Delyn Phanor a.k.a. BaByBean T. M (The Makin)www.reverbnation.com/babybean/album/52735-tm-tha-makin Album Completed!!
Wobbie Wobbit Jibber Jabberwobbiewobbit.com/Jibber-Jabber/
Tom Jones a.k.a. plainwhitetoast Demisingtheplaintoast.com/audio/NaSoAlMo2013/ Album Completed!! [45:10]
Cameron Seebach Gazebo of the Damnedsoundcloud.com/spirulence
Benjamin Burnes a.k.a. Abstractionabstractionmusic.bandcamp.com/album/do-this-justice Album Completed!!
Cort Stratton a.k.a. Postgoodism Redeeming Qualitysoundcloud.com/postgoodism/sets/redeeming-quality/s-s5bMr Album Completed!! [31:34]
Chistopher Paine a.k.a. Paper Sailboat And The Seapapersailboat.bandcamp.com
Dave Dean a.k.a. Falls A Star Pivotseshat.org/fallsastar/ Album Completed!! [45:48]
Robert James Radioalonetone.com/robertjames1971/tracks/radio-2013-nasoalmo Album Completed!! [34:41]
Henry Van Loon These Datahenryvanloon.bandcamp.com/album/the-best-of-blind-willie-deafman Album Completed!! [31:25]
Karen a.k.a. Kyttyeesoundcloud.com/kyttyee
Odilon Green The Spam that Sold the Worldodilongreen.bandcamp.com
Stoo Dream by Daystoogoff.bandcamp.com/album/dream-by-day Album Completed!! [29:29]
Beth a.k.a. Anguaji Musicsoundcloud.com/anguaji/sets/trigger-happy
John Koch-Northruprelaxedmachinery.com/artists/john-koch-northrup/
Danny Thomas a.k.a. Fresh Spotless Youth Tribune of the Silent Majoritysoundcloud.com/danny-thomas
Jason Brinkerhoff a.k.a. No Better End At the set of the sunnobetterend.bandcamp.com
Jake Anderson a.k.a. Spirit Duplicator ENDwww.tapemountain.com Album Completed!! [31:05]
Isaac Jasinski a.k.a. Strix Varia King Birthdaysoundcloud.com/isaacjasinski
Michael Karns a.k.a. JamKar land-o-plentymichaelkarns.bandcamp.com/album/land-o-plenty Album Completed!! [29:45]
Scott Miller a.k.a. Technicolor Gramophone The Impossible Possiblescottmillermusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-impossible-possible Album Completed!! [66:00]
Theodore Kloba a.k.a. Oak Blood Three Difficult Fractionationssoundcloud.com/oakbloodthree/sets/difficult-fractionations Album Completed!! [30:25]
Martin Lewis a.k.a. Keith Spangle 12 days latersoundcloud.com/keith-spangle/sets/twelve-days-later-album Album Completed!! [31:01]
Tim de Reuse a.k.a. Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attacksoundcloud.com/wgwgsa-wips/sets/nasoalmo-2013-1/s-JMB0O Album Completed!! [29:56]
Simon Lewis a.k.a. Phoenix Cube Prawnographysoundcloud.com/phoenix-cube Album Completed!! [39:49]
Pekka Kolehmainen a.k.a. Rahkoi CrustaCaen VI Battle-Formation for Boogie-Night ExtravaGanza Pt III: Tonight the CosMoseses Colliderahkoi.bandcamp.com
Arcturus Echo Timingwww.arcturusecho.com/timing
G Kidd a.k.a. re_mutesoundcloud.com/re_mute
Bill Pratt a.k.a. Digital Pilgrim Digital Pilgrimagesoundcloud.com/digitalpilgrim/sets/nasoalmo-digital-pilgrimage Album Completed!! [29:15]
Adam a.k.a. Dead Dog Embalming Clubsoundcloud.com/dead-dog-embalming-club
Ross Kingston a.k.a. Hawklord2112 Recursionssoundcloud.com/hawklord2112/sets/recursions-nasoalmo-2013 Album Completed!! [39:42]
Alisha Dean a.k.a. Ex Libris The Blue Fairy Booksoundcloud.com/exlibris
Tom Fortetomforte.wordpress.com
Andy Thomas a.k.a. mrblitz Ghostmrblitz.bandcamp.com
Aaron Burke a.k.a. The Don't Sleep Children This Weird is Normal
Brian Bolin a.k.a. The Noise Sermon Rattleboxthenoisesermon.bandcamp.com
Bill Helms a.k.a. Elemental Phantastix non audientibus 1elementalphantastix1.bandcamp.com/ Album Completed!! [48:39]
Joseph Berrouard a.k.a. Jhoira Suspension Chaos
Dusty Grimm Standing In A Fieldgrimmpop.com/standing-in-a-field.php Album Completed!! [29:31]
Tushar Gandhe a.k.a. Tushar :Dsoundcloud.com/tushar_gandhe
Nathan Hartley Maas Digging For Gold In The Silver Agenathanhartleymaas.bandcamp.com/
Antonio F Delgado a.k.a. ¡Oh Antonio + His Imaginary Friends!soundcloud.com/ohantonio
Matt Love a.k.a. Wacky Moose The Moose Is Loosewww.youtube.com/user/mattlove1
Ronak Raval a.k.a. RokZRooMwww.rokzroom.in
Michael Thomas a.k.a. Cave Street First Takealonetone.com/cavestreet Album Completed!! [36:09]
Paul Lennon a.k.a. Wildgeas Music Hairfootalonetone.com/wildgeasmusic/playlists/hairfoot Album Completed!!
T.C. Elliott Remembering The Good Timessoundcloud.com/tc-elliott/sets/nasoalmo-2013 Album Completed!! [29:23]
Rob Stevens a.k.a. Rob From Amersfoort The Shoeless Sisterssoundcloud.com/robfromamersfoort/sets/nasoalmo-2013
59 registered to participate this year, and 26 people have completed their album!

Previous Participants